How long ago were Aliens spotted in civilization?

Extraterrestrials have always been a hot topic of conversation amongst conspiracy theorists but with more and more sightings they have moved on from being a simple figment of imagination, to a subject that now no one can really deny being very real. With more and more documentation suggesting sightings from all over the world, there is no denying that aliens are real. What has always intrigued me, as a believer of other worldly beings, is, how have we denied such a thing until now?

One of the most popular documentations of our modern time was in 1947 in Mount Rainer WA by Kenneth Arnold. When out flying his small plane, he mentioned seeing high speed images that looked like “saucers skipping on water”.

Later that year, there was a wreckage found in Roswell, New Mexico. The government denied it being related to anything extraterrestrial and chalked the damage up to a “weather balloon” but people were not convinced.

Yet even before this, there were always mentions of aliens. Take 1639 for instance during the long ago Puritan era. John Winthrop, the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, wrote in his diary of events that left the English immigrants bewildered. He wrote about three Puritan men out on their boat late one night. They saw what seemed to be a light that “ran as swift as an arrow” zipping back and forth from where they were to the village of Charlestown, the distance of approximating two miles. “Diverse other credible persons saw the same light, after, about the same place,” Winthrop wrote. Skeptics will say that this mysterious light could have been “ignis fatuus” which is explained as “a pale light that can appear over marshland at night due to the combustion of gas from decomposed organic matter.” Many however combat this theory stating that the light was seen shooting across the sky and not arising from the marsh. For the next few years Winthrop will write many more diary entries speaking of unexplainable sightings.

However long ago these accounts were, there were even earlier instances of which UFOs and other worldly beings. 776 during the war in which the Saxons were trying to conquer the Sigiburg Castle in France but as they were about to take over, they witnessed what they described as “flaming shields” hovering over the castle, seeming to protect the French, and so they fled.

Many speak of Moses and his 10 Commandments as something being depicted from aliens, which if true, could explain much of what is what we know today as The Bible.

Then we have art, older than anyone could imagine, 17th century and before, with renderings of what seems to be UFOs in its backgrounds. Sculptures found in Ecuador from a time long ago,showing what it looks to be a man or being in a spacesuit. Now the similarities to today's space suits our Astronauts wearis undeniable.

In today’s age there is no denying that aliens have been around longer than society wants to admit, for their admission would lead to the unraveling of what is our government and what it was founded on. But to deny such a thing is to discredit truth as well as history. Can we deny the technological advances that we have claimed to invent as our own? Are we really that Ego driven that we can’t even acknowledge that maybe we had help from outer worldly beings? That’s for us to individually decide, not it be decided for us.


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    This article goes into deep detail and truly dives into this history of what makes our beliefs so strong. Great read.

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    What a great article!

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