Possible Explanation for Alien Hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt

You wouldn’t believe the massive amount of hidden clues and other-worldly influences depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In history class on ancient Egypt, we’re taught about different Pharaohs, the Nile river, the various periods of Egyptian history, and their interaction with Rome towards the region’s decline. However, what we’re not taught about are the strange anomalies you see carved into the walls of aging temples and pyramids. Some of these depict some clearly impossible images of aliens and flying vehicles. It is jaw dropping. How can these images appear there from 3000 to 5000 years ago? Here’s an overview of strangely unexplainable hieroglyphics.


Sculpted Space Craft in Hieroglyphics

In this piece of work at an unknown location, you can see a flying spacecraft that is sending beams downwards or following a trail of energy towards a location. The interaction between the object and what it is targeting is displayed in great detail. The artwork looks like a mix of sculpting and hieroglyphic symbology. Further down are two images depicting classic hieroglyphic style artwork that you see in most pyramids, but in both of these images you again see strange UFO style vehicles. 

Flying Aircraft at the Temple of Seti at Abydos

This image of flying craft has been circulated around the web for years. It shows a helicopter, jet planes, space ships, and quite frankly, not sure what the rest could be, but they are clearly airborne. Some of them look similar to modern-day aircraft, however, there was no way these could have existed at their time. Except, if it did, and the artist scribes were only drawing the technology of the time.



Images of Aliens in Hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics are already quite mysterious and elusive, but with the occasional alien inserted throughout the artwork, it just becomes simply mind-boggling. One might hypothesize the artists were taking some hallucinogenic and making pranks in their work. However, considering the amount of effort and elbow grease they put into their inscriptions, this is probably not true. It is hard to imagine the artist would decide to cut in a very rounded headed being with large egg-shaped eyes into their work for the hell of it.


Why Egyptian Gods Look Non-Human

Maybe many of the “gods” of ancient lore actually appeared the way they were depicted. It is also possible that they were from other, more advanced off-planet civilizations. It would explain why there are so many strange heads on humanoid bodies, all drawings which represented the leaders of ancient Egypt. Possibly leading the way for a newer and less knowledgeable species.


Humanoid Egyptians With Large Skulls

Another theme in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is the large number of people with elongated skulls. It's not a hat, it’s their head, and it’s quite consistent across the depicted artwork. Some of the ancient Egyptian rulers were seen with this anatomy, as well as their offspring. It could be rumored that their royal headpieces were designed to mimic this head shape for many years to come.

Much Archaeological Evidence of Elongated Skulls

Historians and anthropologists state that some ancient indigenous cultures used planks to shape the heads of their newborn children for beautification. Although, there have been numerous discoveries of large skulls that clearly did not have human anatomy. These were not a softened infant child's skull that was sharpened to be cone-like, but non-human skulls clearly of another origin. It could have been an earlier version of bi-pedal ape, it could have been an alien, or a human-alien hybrid that once co-existed on the planet.

The Questions Continue


The ancient architecture of these old Egyptian structures have lasted countless generations, and are incomparable. Modern structures fall apart within 50 years, but pyramids and other temples seem timeless. The great pyramids were also known to be built to match the constellation of the orion's belt stars, quite the scientific feat for what was considered to be a more barbaric time. We hope that future generations unfold this mystery that our current society probably cant accept or wont explore.


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