What were those strange lights over Las Vegas?

There has always been this mysterious history of whether or not someone has sighted a UFO in the sky. Mysterious lights would appear or spherical objects in the sky that could never truly be identified or explained. A recent sighting by Las Vegas resident, Melanie Smith and a few others has proven to be just as peculiar.  
An unexplainable pattern of lights resembling what on-lookers thought was a UFO in Las Vegas valley on March 1st, around 7:30 p.m., appeared for about an hour.
Each sighting that has been documented has been unique on its own, but this night was even more bizarre, as Smith claimed the lights took on an image that seemed to resemble a flying object on fire.
What were those mysterious lights over Las Vegas?
Mystery Wire, a dedicated reporting sight with journalistically vetted news stories on Area 51, UFO’s, and mysterious paranormal stories was emailed many photos and videos of this occurrence and found the exact location of the lights at Horizon Ridge Parkway.
FOX2 now reported on reaching out to Nellis Air Force Base, about 15 miles away from the sighting and have yet to hear an explanation of whether the lights were potential military flares.
Nellis Air Force Base has a history of nearby unexplainable light and UFO sightings, leaving theorists to consider it a location home to potential aliens.
Having reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), their response was that the lights were from the military base.
This has not been the first appearance of a string of lights that have been sighted in Las Vegas. On February 12, 2021, FOX5 reported that their very own Morning Reporter, Dylan Kendrick captured a live shot of 20-30 lights appearing out of nowhere.
The lights were flying South East, potentially headed toward Boulder City area. The lights were not coming from the direction of the Nellis Air Force Base, which is North East from his location, but instead the lights came from a North West direction, leaving to question whether or not these were airplanes.

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