You Might Have Heard About These Alien Species (or Not)

Our universe could be a diverse place of many civilizations. According to scientists, it is estimated that there are at least 36 other intelligent life species living across the universe. )

Many have claimed that we already are in contact with aliens or that they have contacted aliens. This includes channelers, contactees, abductees, and other rumors of involvement with higher authorities. If you’re not aware of the different alien species many have claimed to be in contact with, this will get you up to speed. Here are a list of the most popular ones you may (or may not) have heard about.







These mammalian aliens come from the Bootes constellation. It is claimed that they are one of the most benevolent species and have been interacting with humans in the oldest ancient times. According to the famous psychic and prophet Edgar Cayce, "Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy.” Mainly teachers, these aliens are said to want to bring higher consciousness to humans. Known to be healers, they are described as having blue skin and warm blood. They are mostly protective of the planet Earth.




These humanoids hail from the Pleiades stars in constellation Taurus. They are also known as the Nordic alien race that mostly have blonde hair and blue eyes. Known to wear simple blue spacesuits, they fly in disk shaped ufo vehicles. They are very human in appearance and hard to distinguish from Earthling humans. Considered to be peaceful, loving, as well as intelligent, they are thought to be a healing race and more spiritually advanced than humans. The Pleiades are a collection of around 800 stars that is about 410 lightyears away from Earth.

Zeta Reticuli

Often confused with grey aliens, they are from the Zeta Ret binary star system. They tend to be your most typical representation of an alien with a grey body, large head and big black eyes. However, they are far taller than greys and considered to be more communicative than them as well. These aliens are considered to be neutral, neither overly benevolent nor malicious. They
 are more active in modern times according to contactees.


These aliens are much shorter and petite than the Zetas and come from the Bellatrax star system. They are infamously known as abductors or “little people” and are thought to be here mostly for research purposes. They conduct many experiments and tests, and are thought to be neutral to malevolent in nature. This alien species is not thought to be very communicative but more focused on their work.


Sirius Nommos



The famous story of the Dogon tribe and their connection between Sirius and their culture is said to stem from the amphibian alien species from there. Ancient lore says the Nommos descended from the sky in thunder and fire. The Sirius B Constellation holds a lot of mysteries. The Dogon tribe lives south of Timbuktu in the Republic of Mali, and recounts tails of having been visited by this group ( ). Ironically, Sirius is also considered to be the Dog Star in modern times.




These kind hearted humanoid and sometimes catlike aliens were spread across Hyades, Pleiades, and Vega. They are described as being one of the forefathers of ancient human lineage. There is much speculation that Bastet, an Egyptian deity with a humanoid body and cat’s head, is thought to be Lyrian. They are claimed to have been giant in stature and created the offspring of giants and redheads. Lyrians had high technology and were very compassionate.




The infamous Reptilians are said to be from the Draco Constellation. There are many branches of this alien species, with some having wings and some not. They stemmed from an ancient dragon race that was massive in size. The ones most describe they have contacted are similar to a human with a scaly body and a lizard’s head. Some believe that one group has been on earth 15,000 years and live mostly underground as Reptilian Earthlings. Most describe them as being cunning and potentially harmful.




Also known as the true Men in Black, they are said to be from the Eridanus constellation. They are thought to have a base on the moon where they conduct research. They get their name from their black clothing which they wear to protect them from the sun. They are known to be shapeshifters and can take human form, but are nicknamed the “Tall Whites” for being pale skinned and tall in stature. They are mostly benevolent in nature.




These aliens come from the Andromeda constellation. They are humanoid in shape and have blue-violet skin color. They are also kind-natured and tend to bring information about the state of the world and future progress. People who claim to channel Andromedans believe they have no hair, large eyes, and are plasma beings of energy. It is stated that they were described in ancient Egyptian texts.




These aliens are said to be from the Orion constellation. They were thought to be highly influential in the Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations. Highly advanced and very powerful, their stories labeled them as sons of An and Ki, the deities of of heavens and earth.


Now that you know a thing or two about alien species, you can impress your friends. Tell them the lore and mythology of ancient alien history and contact between ancient humans and their interstellar neighbors.


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