About Us

Eternal Aliens is an apparel company dedicated to all things extraterrestrial – just like our apparels and merchandise – which is simply out of this world. Our brand is built around our strong beliefs in aliens and extraterrestrial life forms, and the same beliefs are distinctly visible in our product line.
Our apparels and merchandise have that deep and dark mystery, depth and exclusivity – elements that reflect our celestial ancestry, just like the Annunaki, an ancient race that arrived on earth thousands of years ago, and is believed to have left their legacy in our DNA.
The ultimate aim of Eternal Aliens is to build a community for believers to share news on aliens, UFO sightings, and really dope apparel. We plan to become a one-of-a-kind platform for like-minded individuals to share their alien sightings, encounters and more. 
Our brand philosophy is to unleash the truth and open your eyes to the unseen world of Aliens. Yes, they are among us, and who knows you may be one? 
Are you an Eternal Alien?
Have you anytime felt that you don’t really belong here? Did you struggle to integrate with the so called ‘normal’ people? Have you been fascinated by the Nasca lines in Peruvian desert, the Egyptian pyramids, the Stonehenge, or the crop circles - enigmatic structures and sites that cannot be replicated?
Well, you’re not alone. We, at Eternal Aliens, totally get you. 
If you feel that quiet sense that you came from somewhere beyond this planet, then you are one of us – a star person with an alien or celestial ancestry who doesn’t’ really feel at home on planet earth. 
And since you are what you wear, our brand – Eternal Aliens – helps you to awaken to the fascinating truth of your true origins.  
Welcome aboard! Celebrate your true self with Eternal Aliens…